Episode 11 - Staying Grounded and Supported as a Successful Entrepreneur with Lin Lin of the China International Beauty Expo

podcast Apr 07, 2021
Lin Lin on Bridging Misconceptions and Staying Grounded in China's Beauty Market


Lin Lin is the co-chair / CEO of the China International Beauty Expo (CIBE). As the largest and leading industry beauty trade fair, CIBE welcomes an average of half a million people over the course of three days, several times a year. Tracy speaks to Lin Lin about the importance of staying grounded when faced with the daunting and overwhelming task of producing an event of this magnitude. Lin Lin also shares her story of what it was like growing up with a female entrepreneur, who is her business partner, and her mother in China. She dives into why having a support system will make or break it for you in entrepreneurship, and the importance of making mindset, attitude, outlook and taking care of yourself a priority in your own success. 



[00:05] About Lin Lin and her professional career. 

[07:55] When you are a successful entrepreneur, you're also playing the role of the educator.

[12:15] Lin Lin speaks about growing up with her mom, a female entrepreneur, in China. 

[18:20] At a young age, Lin Lin ran away and started her own creative agency. 

[25:15] All about Lin Lin’s CIBE events.  

[28:45] How Lin Lin and her mother work together. 

[34:10] Tips and tricks on staying calm in a busy workplace. 

[44:45] Sadly, China has the youngest suicide rate for entrepreneurs. Lin Lin talks about the importance of mental health and how to take care of one’s self in the face of obstacles and setbacks 

[50:35] About Lin Lin’s first job. Plus, we chat about Lin Lin’s future aspirations. 



Lin Lin had a cleft palate as a small child, she felt different and knew she had a disability to overcome, and she found a way to overcome it

If you're not educating and serving, then you cannot find success as an entrepreneur. 

You can overcome adversity. 

It's essential to be extremely grounded when running massive events. 

Even if you have a lot of pain, you don't have to be a pain to other people. 

Having a support system is extremely important for entrepreneurs. 



Co-chair CEO of China International Beauty Expo (CIBE, founded in 1989), responsible for the organization's six beauty & wellness shows per year, in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. CIBE is the first and largest B2B Beauty & Wellness trade fair in Asia that showcases top-to-bottom industry supply chain with over 1 million square meters exhibition space total per year. Lin Lin sits on the board of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce Beauty Culture & Cosmetic Chamber, as the Head of International Relations, oversees all countries' affairs department and travel for trade missions globally on behalf of the industry chamber. Previously a designer and anthropologist, Lin Lin has an impressive track record as a serial entrepreneur and creative. 

She was nominated and successfully completed the China Leadership Program at The Aspen Institute as the youngest fellow, endorsed by Davie Rubenstein in 2013. She joined CIBE in 2015, since then her contributions to innovation and sustainability efforts to the beauty industry have brought international awareness on the beauty industry in China. Lin Lin has been an active speaker and representative for China Beauty Industry around the world for several global conferences, such as the recent Chosun Asian Leadership Conference sitting on various entrepreneurship panels with distinguished leaders including Barack Obama and David Cameron. Lin Lin's work and point of views were published in South China Morning Post, Shanghai Daily, China Daily, Wall Street Journal, Australia Financial Times, Chosun IIbo (Korea), Surface, Creative Review, Fast Company, Architecture Digest, Leap, Wallpaper, The New Yorker, and The New York Times.



“I think that is the number one thing to understand is that no one deserves your pain.”

“Having a support system is extremely important.”



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