Episode 12 - Listening to Your Body and Embracing Self Care with Desirée Rogers of Black Opal Beauty

podcast Apr 16, 2021
Desirée Rogers on The White House, Cancer and Pursuing Passion


Desirée Rogers is an American businesswoman, former White House Social Secretary for President Barack Obama's office, and former chief executive officer of Johnson Publishing Company. In this episode, Tracy dives into Desiree’s background and the path that eventually led her to the White House. During her journey, Desirée was diagnosed with breast cancer; she talks all about the importance of listening to your body, taking care of yourself, and practicing self-care. Later, Desirée speaks about making the dive into entrepreneurship and chats with Tracy about the importance of following your own path.



[05:25] Desirée opens up about her background and what led her to where she is today. 

[17:20] Desirée reveals the biggest pivot she made coming out of graduate school. 

[29:00] How Desirée was able to balance being a mom, running an agency, and building a multi-billion dollar business. 

[38:45] We dig into Desirée’s work at the White House. 

[48:00] In 2000, Desirée found out that she had breast cancer. Desirée reveals the lessons that she learned during this time. 

[51:35] Why Desirée took the deep dive into entrepreneurship. 

[63:10] Everything is hard; find out what you’re good at! 

[70:20] Final advice from Desirée: do what you need to do. 



Listen to your body. Every symptom that you have is trying to tell you something. 

You only have one body in this life, so make sure that you take care of it. 

Work will still be there for you tomorrow; it’s not going anywhere. Don’t be in a rush to prove anything. 

The pandemic has shown that everyone needs a good immune system – don’t screw around with it! 



I am Desirée Rogers. Many people know me through a public lens, but every woman should tell her own story. 

I am a businesswoman, a mother, and lifelong admirer of creativity in all forms. I am passionate about creating community around products I believe in. Beautiful things move me. 

In work and in the way that I live, I strive to be innovative, altruistic and bold. Of course, these are practices that I learned from my foremothers—my first creative business role models.

My life has been blessed with unforgettable experiences and great joys. But I have also faced setbacks and challenges. I have learned that inner strength is not to be taken for granted.

In women, inner strength is the deepest source of our beauty. I want all women to know that they are beautiful and to feel that they are beautiful. We set our own standards. Our image is ours to define. 

Understanding the parallels between business and life has helped me succeed. I’m here to tell you that you can feel good about your work and be great to yourself at the same time. My past has taught me something powerful, and as I embrace my future, I plan to bring along as many women as I can. We are stronger and more beautiful together.



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