Episode 15 - Bridging Cultural Gaps and Building World-Class Teams with Rhonda Vetere of Herbalife Nutrition

podcast May 05, 2021
Rhonda Vetere: Herbalife Nutrition CIO, Grit & Grind Author, Lessons from a Triathlete in Life


Rhonda Vetere, whose mission is to use her experience and leadership to drive change in the world, wants to positively impact IT, businesses, and institutions - and the people. they serve. She has over 25+ years of experience and having managed IT divisions of global companies with over 20k+ people across multiple continents. She has lived and worked all over the globe with people from a variety of cultures and managed up to 162 countries. She is an expert in building world-class teams and has led the charge for Digital Transformation within more than +23 mergers and acquisitions on her career path. In today’s episode, Rhonda speaks about how she learned the power of hard work and discipline from a young age, and reveals the Ah-ha moment she had after making it in the tech industry. Tune in as we talk about crazy moments in Rhonda’s life, including running in the Serengeti and a close kidnapping in India.


[06:50] Rhonda speaks about her childhood. She was always disciplined in sports and had been working since her teenage years.  

[11:00] How Rhonda ended up with her first gig in the tech industry.  

[20:35] Rhonda remembers the bankruptcy of the Lehman brothers; it was a total meltdown.  

[25:10] The Ah-HA moment when Rhonda realized that she had made it. 

[36:40] How Rhonda motivates her teams – it includes exercise!  

[40:30] Crazy moment! People told Rhonda that she can't just go running through the Serengeti; well, she did. 

[47:00] Big highlights in Rhonda’s life that helped her leave a legacy. 

[49:55] Rhonda had a close encounter with kidnappers in India.



There are certain things in life you can just do the bare minimum. However, you should go above and beyond! Think about the legacy that you want to leave behind. 

The really worthwhile things in life are the ones that require more preparation, not less.

Find your purpose in life. That way, you wake up every morning motivated about what you are doing. 

Every day, you need to take a moment, slow down, and pay attention. 



“I wasn't money-driven. I wanted to make sure it was purposeful, meaningful, and how I can learn.” - Rhonda Vetere

“There's always going to be something off-balance.” - Rhonda Vetere

“Deal with the hardest things early in the morning; don't wait till noon.” - Rhonda Vetere



Currently, Rhonda Vetere, the Chief Information Officer of Herbalife Nutrition, She is a 2x author, speaker, and Ironman 70.3 Triathlete who ranks among the Top CTO/CIOs in the country. 

She is tenacious, she has grit and she knows how to manage crises. Once you hear her story, you will understand why it is no surprise that she was recruited to head the technology SWAT team that would eventually bring networks back online after the tragic events of 9/11.

Rhonda is a thought leader and tech innovator. She has inspired executives at top-ranked organizations such as Estee Lauder, Barclays, Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan Chase HP, and AIG. 

Based on her best-selling book Grit & Grind, Rhonda provides an impactful yet practical framework that enables leaders, organizations, and individuals to navigate complexity and time-sucks with a simple 10-part practice for living an extraordinary life.



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