Episode 16 - Embracing Lifelong Learning and Creating Energizing Routines with Anna Magzanyan of the LA Times

podcast May 12, 2021
Anna Magzanyan: Chief of LA Times, On Being an Armenian Powerhouse Woman in Media


Anna Magzanyan is Chief of Staff to the Executive Chairman and Head of Strategy and Revenue for the Los Angeles Times. In our conversation, Anna speaks about her childhood and her move from Armenia to the United States. We learn about Anna’s journey from agency work to her success in media, including CEO of the Los Angeles Business Journal, and most recently, Chief of Staff at the Los Angeles Times. Notably, despite her awards and title success, Anna doesn’t feel like she has made it (yet!) She reminds herself that everyone’s position is replaceable, so never stop learning! Tune in as Anna reveals what advice she would tell a former version of herself. Plus, we talk about the importance of listening to your body, taking rest days, and creating an energizing morning routine.


[02:30] Moving from Armenia to the United States – Anna speaks about her childhood experiences. 

[12:15] Anna speaks about her journey from working at an agency to becoming the Chief of Staff for the Los Angeles Times.  

[29:15] Anna still hasn't felt like she made it; everyone's position is replaceable, so you have to learn continually. 

[33:25] How Anna measures her success at the Los Angeles Times.  

[40:05] What Anna would tell a former version of herself.  

[50:00] Anna gets up at 4:30; we talk about her successful morning routine. 



Lifelong learning will help you adapt to unforeseen changes. 

The ability to negotiate is critical for women in the workplace; never settle for less. 

Pay attention to your thoughts and be less self-critical. 

Listen to your body and rest when you need to. 



“I don't operate in the status quo very well.” 

“I try to bring in unique folks into an organization that can help push the agenda forward.”

“I get into work very energized and very much ready for whatever is going to come my way.”



Anna Magzanyan is Chief of Staff to the Executive Chairman and Head of Strategy and Revenue for the Los Angeles Times. Having previously served as The Times’ Vice President of Advertiser Marketing and Events, Magzanyan returned in 2020 following nine years working in digital, broadcast and print media.

Prior to rejoining The Times, Magzanyan was the publisher and CEO of the Los Angeles Business Journal where she led year-over-year audience and revenue growth during her three-year tenure. She has also held executive roles in marketing and partnerships at the Hollywood Reporter and iHeart Radio, and was a strategy and business development consultant for the Houston Chronicle, Cretan Pearl Resort and Omnia Media, among others.

Before beginning her career in publishing, Magzanyan worked in marketing and advertising with clients including Ketel One, Crystal Cruises, Tourism New Zealand and Union Bank. She was honored by the Armenian American Chamber of Commerce as Corporate Woman of the Year in 2011 and recognized with the Los Angeles Times’ Publisher’s Award in 2006 for the launch of The Envelope portfolio and in 2008 for the Tribune Pre-Print Initiative.



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