Episode 17 - Bringing a Big Idea to Fruition and Finding Your Inner Fabulousness with Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens of FabFitFun

podcast tracyholland May 19, 2021
Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens, Co-Founder & Entrepreneur Fab, Fit and Fun


In this episode, Tracy Holland talks to Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens, Co-Founder of FabFitFun, as she opens up about her childhood, reveals how she became a journalist, and then eventually an entrepreneur. Her entrepreneurial journey started with a big idea, for a lifestyle direct-to-consumer subscription box, which has grown to be so much bigger than ever she ever imagined. We discuss how the concept for Fab, Fit, Fun went from a simple blog, to a digital editorial business, to a “ship to your home” subscription box. 

Katie talks about her evolution as a business leader, the progression of FabFitFun, and the realities of having children while an active, growing entrepreneur. She built her billion-dollar business while having two babies and talks about her journey of how she got there. Katie dives into the nuts and bolts of the brand, as she explains the importance of storytelling to make her business come to life in the eyes of the consumer. Tune in as Katie reveals the advice that she would give to a former version of herself.



[02:20] Katie was outgoing, creative, curious, and full of energy as a child. She has never been the kind of person to play it safe. 

[07:00] Consumers want to understand the inspiration behind the brand; it’s critical to tell your story.  

[11:30] How Katie got started with FabFitFun and why they decided on a subscription box model.  

[20:45] As Katie started FabFitFun, she talks about having a baby, what it took to run the business and her sensitivities to people thinking she could not ‘do it all’ but she made it happen

[33:30] The pandemic helped remind Katie that she needs to practice self-care and wellness. 

[35:40] The evolution behind FabFitFun and what it was like to bring in outside capital. 

[50:45] Katie starts her morning every day with a workout; it helps her have a clear mind when heading into work. Plus, Katie reveals the advice she would give a former version of herself. 



You can have babies and be an active, growing entrepreneur - listen carefully to how I managed to do both. Not always easy, but I would be a lot more graceful with myself during this time.

Telling authentic stories will make your brand come alive; it’s a critical element of your business. 

Take time for yourself; it will help you be a better leader and a better mom. 

Make an effort to do what you’re least looking forward to first; that way, those tasks will actually get done. 

A morning workout will help clear your mind and increase your positivity for the day. 



“I didn't take a traditional, maternity leave. I would (breast) pump under our cover everywhere I went. If I was in an Uber, if I was at the office, if we were at a meeting and … you know what, baby's got to eat, you gotta do what mommy's got to do, you know?"

“I honestly credit my parents for giving me that kind of confidence and ambition to chase all of my dreams big and small.” 

“We really focused on bringing in incredibly smart, experienced, talented people to continue to grow the business.”



Co-founder of FabFitFun, Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens has led its evolution as a

female-focused media brand, from writing about great lifestyle products to getting them into people’s hands. Since launching the FabFitFun lifestyle box 2013, she has shifted her energy toward curating fresh and exciting brands for FabFitFun members, with the seasonal subscription box as its anchor experience. 

Building on this, to place the brand at the intersection of content, community and commerce, she has spearheaded FabFitFun’s evolution into one of the most-loved membership services that spans beauty, fashion, fitness, home, tech, and more. As Editor-in-Chief, Katie continues to oversee all of FabFitFun’s content, including its quarterly lifestyle magazine, video, online and social posts. She also spearheads FabFitFun’s charity initiatives.

After earning English and Sociology degrees from George Washington University, Katie joined the fashion, beauty, and nightlife guide, Scheckys.com as its L.A. editor. She has written for an eclectic variety of magazines, newspapers and websites, including the Los Angeles Times, Art and Living, Women’s Life, Dining Out, Pasadena Mag, LA Splash, and Venice News. In addition to blogs and articles, she has also worked in TV production on several shows, including It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Jackass, and has also had a few of her own plays produced. 

On any given day, Katie is testing out protein bars, experimenting with exfoliators, swinging kettlebells, seeking out sex secrets, hailing high/low styles, interviewing fit-lebrities, examining fast & slow food, investigating mood boosters, working out at work, cycling, and more; all to find the best in beauty, fashion, fitness, nutrition and wellness for her FabFitFun subscribers.

When Katie is not at FabFitFun, she can be found hiking, experimenting in the kitchen, and spending time with her husband, Daniel and their daughters, Summer and Sienna.



Find Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens on LinkedIn and visit FabFitFun.

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