Episode 2 - The Ultimate Power of Being Your Authentic Self with Christie Hefner

podcast Feb 26, 2021
Tracy Holland Interviews Christie Hefner on Being a Female Leader From Potential to Powerhouse Podcast


The legendary Christie Hefner has been through it all—from early aspirations for journalism and politics, to assuming the throne of the Playboy Empire. Her story is larger than life—but in this candid, generous, and witty interview, the historically private Hefner delves into some of the most memorable moments of her career, and gives a masterclass in taking life as it comes-- and doing the impossible with levity, good humor, and grace.

Christie Hefner chairs or sits on numerous boards of for-profit and non-profit companies and organizations. She has won countless awards, most recently Springboard Enterprises Winners’ Circle Oracle Award in 2019, the National Association of Women Business Owners Voice Award in 2018, and the Newseum Freedom of Expression Award, 2017.



3:08 - How her father’s support engendered a career plan shift

7:09 - Working with your father: taking on a major role in dad's business

10:46 - The Playboy path to growth and her transition to CEO

12:39 - That point when you realize you’ve made it

15:45 - Call me “Your Highness” - how to handle shareholder meetings with a smile

19:56 - On becoming a better speaker

22:31 - On feeling the pressure to settle down

26:58 - Juggling family life and business when you’re the CEO

30:31 - Secrets to stress relief in a high-stress job

35:24 - On the potential for future political work

36:52 - The importance of negotiation and the skill of listening



16:04 - “If you’re fully prepared for something, whether it’s a meeting or a presentation, or whatever, you have to have confidence that you ARE fully prepared and then allow yourself to be your authentic self.”

29:09 - “It’s still isolating when, at the end of the day, you are bearing the ultimate responsibility for, both making the decisions, and the results of those decisions.”

29:23 - “I don’t think everyone who has the intelligence, or even the ability, to be a CEO should necessarily assume that they would be happy being a CEO.”

29:50 - “There are a lot of great ways to have both intellectual satisfaction and challenge and professional fulfillment without taking on that responsibility, too.”

37:21 - “You don’t really get in life what’s fair - you get in life what you can negotiate for.”


PARAPHRASE (edited quote):

30:59 - “It is critically important that each of [you] make sure that enough time is spent on those things that actually create energy for you and make you feel restored.”

34:17 - “One of the learnings that, I think, with time becomes richer (and that is), how important it is who you choose to spend your time with. When you choose where to work, it’s as much about who you’re working with, as anything else.”



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