Episode 23 - Self-Care Strategies for Scoring the Win with Jennifer van Dijk of Car Culture Content Platform Hoonigan

podcast tracyholland Jun 30, 2021

Joined with us today is powerhouse CEO, Jennifer van Dijk. Jennifer van Dijk was named the chief executive officer of Hoonigan, an automotive lifestyle and content company. Hoonigan uniquely sits at the intersection of car culture, digital content and lifestyle apparel and has pioneered the model for influencers using digital platforms to sell a range of products directly to their passionate fans. Jennifer has spent her career in a very male-dominated world as she was formerly the Vice President of digital at IMG, where she created a digital media business. She served the NBA, as Vice President of Team Marketing & Business Operations and from there she moved to a position with the Los Angeles Clippers as a Chief Strategy Officer. She spent time as an Executive Vice President for Wasserman athletes, leading a digital revenue strategy for talent and helped to design a new area of service for brands to access athletes and their highly engaged social audiences. 

When Jennifer was a teenager she realized she was gay after having a pivotal conversation with a high school counselor. She spent a couple of years in self-discovery before coming out to her family and starting her freshman year in college. In our conversation, I appreciate Jennifer’s vulnerability, openness, and her leadership as a gay woman in a male-dominated world. Finally, you won’t want to miss the advice she wants the younger generation listening to about how to approach their life.



[02:33] As a child, Jennifer teetered the line between rule breaker and rule follower.

[07:47] Transitioning from high school to college, what did Jennifer’s personal life look like at that time after she realized she was gay?

[13:43] Jennifer’s college years; what she studied, how her experience during that time was.

[17:46] Her first professional move after leaving college was starting a career at IMG.

[26:21] Being in the corporate world, did she have to hide her sexuality, living two separate lives?

[29:31] The transition from IMG to her role at Wasserman.

[35:23] Starting her career at the NBA and the different job roles she held while she was there.

[48:05] How she became the CEO of Hoonigan, an automotive lifestyle and content company.

[53:21] Jennifer paints a picture of where she sees herself in five years.

[59:29] The advice about being present in the moment Jennifer wants others to know.



Being true to herself after realizing she was gay, led to Jennifer being happier, more align and in tune with herself.

Taking something you’re passionate about and using that to form your career and business ventures. For Jennifer that was the business of sports, deal making and leadership.

Finding companies and businesses that value culture and value their employees and drive you to put forth your best effort at work.

Be present in the moment. Life is such a whirlwind and it’s important to stop and enjoy the journey instead of racing to the finish line.


“My job at IMG was everything. It's what ignited my passion, that while I love sports, the business of sports was even more interesting and exciting.” - Jennifer van Dijk 

“I think part of coming out in school {as gay}  and then going into the corporate life, I decided that I'm going to be out from day one because if I start to hide it I’ll have to make decisions about hiding it everywhere.”  - Jennifer van Dijk

“Being a CEO is my dream job. I default to really being strategy, vision and where can we take something to? Being CEO is the first time I actually feel like I have the ability to look at all the pieces and put them together.”  - Jennifer van Dijk



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