Episode 28 - Making Your Dreams a Priority and Heeding the Entrepreneurial Call with Luxury Footwear Founder Angela Scott

podcast tracyholland Aug 04, 2021

In this week’s episode, luxury footwear brand creator, Angela Scott of The Office of Angela Scott, joins Tracy to discuss the relentless pursuit of her calling in life and why she is compelled to heed the call. Angela’s story is one of true entrepreneurial grit. Starting from childhood, she was raised in the foster care system due to their mother’s schizophrenia diagnosis. Angela used these challenging childhood experiences to her benefit, and capitalized on her ability to persevere, and forged ahead into an entrepreneurial vision by surrounding herself with mentors and allies who helped her stay the course and keep her business tracking. 

Angela also shares how she funded her business and the importance of asking for help and being vulnerable in business. Finally, she reviews the key learnings she has discovered thus far in her journey and her love for creating shoes and empowering Women Who Mean Business.™ Stay tuned for this truly inspiring entrepreneurial powerhouse interview!

In This Episode:

[02:46] A look into Angela’s childhood.

[05:02] Growing up as part of the foster care system because of Angela’s mother's schizophrenia.

[09:48] Angela always had an entrepreneurial spirit as she worked hard from a young age.

[16:45] Angela’s journey into adulthood feeling that fashion was in her DNA.

[22:06] How Angela pivoted from working at Neiman Marcus to opening The Office of Angela Scott.

[31:06] Angela’s juicy tip for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

[38:19] Where Angela envisions her business for the future.

[40:31] The first famous person Angela noticed wearing her shoes.

[43:11] How Angela is attempting to bring the traditional craftsmanship of her shoes to the current world and introducing it to women who have not had access to this quality of craftsmanship.

[48:24] Is there anything Angela sees in hindsight that she’d go back to and coach herself differently in her journey?

Key Takeaways:

From a young age, Angela understood what the meaning of hard work meant, knowing that if she wanted to have experiences in life, she had to work for them.  

Fashion was always a big part in Angela’s life. Before she knew fashion was going to be her career, she knew she was going to work hard in order to be able to buy fashion pieces.

Angela’s first mentor helped give her insight on how hard she should work toward her goals while doing it with elegance and intention.

Angela took her lowest paying job ever at Neiman Marcus, because she knew that’s what she needed to do in order for her to understand the fashion industry.

The Office of Angela Scott is no longer just a shoe brand. It’s a business of curating, understanding and being a platform for other women. It’s a collective of powerhouse women who wear her product, identify her story with their own personal brand, and empowers working women to own their stories. 


“I always had that entrepreneurial spirit in the sense that if I want experiences in life, I've got to work for them.” - Angela Scott

“Fashion was in my DNA. I always knew that was going to be in my life. I didn't know it was going to be a career.” - Angela Scott

 “I feel like every career I had, it played a role in who I became and how I launched the company.” - Angela Scott

“I always feel like there it's a lot of hard work and then a little bit of luck that helps people become successful.” - Angela Scott


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Angela Scott is Founder, CEO and Designer of The Office of Angela Scott, an American handcrafted luxury footwear brand for women who mean business. Raised in Northern California, Angela graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She worked in PR & marketing in the luxury market for 10 years before launching her namesake collection in 2012.

Angela lives in Santa Barbara with her husband Scott Milden and her two king charles cavaliers Honey and Pumpkin Pie.

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