Episode 29 - Pivot Moments That Catapulted Epic Growth, What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur, with Marla Beck, Bluemercury

podcast tracyholland Aug 11, 2021

Just like many other successful entrepreneurs, Marla’s ‘aha moments’ started from not being satisfied with how things worked. She and her husband decided to improve the shopping experience for everyone and the first idea for Bluemercury was born: bring beauty products to the internet. This episode is all about seeing the opportunity at the given moment and then making the big leap because you believe in your idea. And although the journey isn’t always a straight line to success, with enough flexibility, faith, and knowledge, you can do anything. 

In This Episode:

[03:20] Marla never liked the shopping experience department stores had to offer at the time. So she decided to improve it.

[05:25] How Bluemercury started as an internet company and what Jeff Bezos has to do with it?

[10:59] Marla’s parents always insisted on her getting a good education.

[14:40] Even for Amazon, it wasn’t always clear if they were going to make it. 

[20:07] What was the tipping point for Marla’s entrepreneurial success? 

[25:32] How Marla managed to have kids and run a business at the same time?

[30:32] How to choose the best people who will work with you?

[34:39] Marla’s mindset secrets for tough times like 2008.

[39:03] What does work-life balance mean for Marla?

Key Takeaways:

All new entrepreneurial ventures start with a problem. For Marla, this problem was a terrible shopping experience. 

It takes one burning idea to create a successful entrepreneur.

The road to success is always paved with previous failures. 

It’s not always just about the money. It’s also about the terms you want to set for your new, better life.


“Failure is part of the journey. And pivoting is part of the journey and understanding that it's not always a straight line to success.” - Tracy Holland

“That's when you know, it's time to become an entrepreneur. I think you have this burning idea that you're the one to do it and there’s no one else that can do it.”  - Marla Beck

“I think entrepreneurship is like a rollercoaster. The highs are higher, the lows are low.” - Marla Beck

 “Although things can look pristine, the journey to there is full of failure.” - Marla Beck


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Marla Beck is a serial entrepreneur, visionary consumer brand-builder, CEO and investor focused on mission-driven consumer brands.  She co-founded and was the Chief Executive Officer of Bluemercury, Inc., a high-growth, disruptive omni-channel beauty retailer founded in 1999 and acquired in 2015 by Macy’s Inc.  Ms. Beck also co-founded M-61 Laboratories, creating the clean, sustainable brands M-61 Skincare and Lune+Aster Cosmetics. Ms. Beck has shared her entrepreneurship expertise and strategies for scaling innovation on CNBC, CNN and Fox Business News. She is also the first woman to be recognized twice by Inc. magazine with cover stories both focusing on her entrepreneurial achievements.

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