Episode 3 - The Quest to Achieve Financial Equality with Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevest

podcast Feb 26, 2021
Tracy Holland Interviews Sallie Krawcheck on how Money is Everything


The inimitable Sallie Krawcheck delivers a candid, emotionally compelling interview on what made her the powerhouse she is today—and why she’s fighting for women’s financial freedom for generations to come.

The CEO and co-founder of Ellevest and Chair of Ellevate Network, Sallie Krawcheck has built her empire in the entrepreneurial space—on the backbone of her decades of experience on Wall Street, and fueled by her passion for creating financial opportunity and freedom for women everywhere.

A staple on every top women in business list, including being named the seventh most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, Sallie Krawcheck is a force to be reckoned with—and she’s using that power to make the financial world more equitable for every woman that comes after her.



2:52 - A bossy little kid

8:10 - Cheerleading, volleyball and patriarchal pressure

10:52 - What it was like being at CitiGroup

13:30 - The smartest mistake she ever made

16:12 - Handling kids and success

23:10 - What happened at Falcon

28:47 - Life after Smith-Barney

38:10 - The shift into being an entrepreneur

43:31 - What being an entrepreneur means to Sallie now

48:04 - On her position at Elevest

49:18 - Sallie’s morning routine



2:55 - “So that insecurity sort of runs through my life, as it does for some number of people who found success.”

27:15 - “If the choice is between money and doing the right thing - it’s doing the right thing.”

43:53 - “At the beginning, you are one or two… maybe three, but three is stretching it… mistakes away from being out of business.”

49:47 - “I am two things at once - I am SO pissed off… and I am eternally grateful.”

51:09 - “We do recognize, money’s her number one source of stress… if we can help her with that, then we have hit in her gut.”

51:18 - “Money isn’t money - money is “Take your hand off my friggin’ leg!” Money is “I’m out of this relationship!” Money is, “I quit - stuff it up your you know what!.”

51:47 - “We got you out of a job where the lech is letting his eyes linger a little too long.”

51:55 - “Women - we will not have full equality until we have financial equality.”



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