Episode 31 - The Real Deal on the Ups and Downs of Life as an Entrepreneur with CEO Alyssa Rapp

podcast Sep 01, 2021

 Alyssa Rapp is a best-selling author and was named one of the most notable women in healthcare by Crain's Chicago. Alyssa's drive as an entrepreneur has landed her in boardrooms with global strategic players in the healthcare services space, and as of 2020, she was appointed to the Illinois Humanities Council and earned her role as the current CEO of Healthwell Acquisition Corp.

In this episode, we dive into Alyssa's book, Leadership and Life Hacks, and discuss her new goal of launching a new business venture. We chat about Alyssa's journey as CEO and how she can find balance as an avid athlete and partner to a supportive husband and mother of two girls. 

In This Episode:

[03:06] Alyssa shares that she was self-directed from the start. Her goal-oriented personality was reflected in training in gymnastics for up to three hours a day.

[11:50] How a belief in service allows Alyssa the opportunity to work on something she cares about and believes in.

[17:06] The experience that has given her insight to pivot 

[24:30] What Alyssa and her partner do to manage the ups and downs of life as an entrepreneur

[37:45] Alyssa speaks to her objective and vision moving forward with the SPAC investors on the rise in 2021

[42:28] The number of female-founded or female-led SPACs currently operating.

[45:15] Alyssa points out her favorite hack in her book, Leadership in Life Hacks.


Key Takeaways:

Look for mentors that believe you have great potential.

Work with incredible people with a breadth of talent and support to make the partnership fun. 

Creating a sense that women can't be two seemingly opposite things at one time, is a false dichotomy.

Multitasking gets a bad rap; finding balance is an individual journey.

Leave a legacy of impact in the civic areas you care for. Keep a whole mind, whole-body perspective.



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Meet Alyssa Rapp

As of January 2018, Alyssa was named the CEO of Surgical Solutions by private equity firm Sterling Partners. Within six months, she was named one of Crain’s Chicago’s “Notable Women in Health Care” (June 2018), and made the list for a second year in a row in 2019. She was also named one of the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare in 2019. 

In February 2020, Alyssa helped shepherd a transaction of Surgical Solutions to a private equity-backed, global strategic player in the healthcare services space, Grupo Vitalmex. Alyssa was retained by Healthwell Acquisition Corp as the CEO.

In November 2019, ForbesBooks released Alyssa’s second book entitled Leadership and Life Hacks: Insights from a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, and Executive. It hit the Amazon bestseller list in business management in January 2020. In May 2020, Alyssa offered a companion edition, Hacks for the New World: How to LIve and Lead in the Age of Sheltering at Home- and Beyond.

When not immersed in business and civic life, Alyssa loves to Peloton, do yoga, ski fast, and try as hard as possible to decipher a slider from a curve ball from her husband, 1990 MLB World Series champion and current partner at X10 Capital, Hal Morris. Alyssa and Hal are the proud parents of Audrey Margaret Morris and Henriette Daniella Morris.

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