Episode 4 - Finding Optimism and Gratitude in Entrepreneurship with Elizabeth Funk of Dignity Capital

podcast Feb 26, 2021
Tracy Holland Interviews Elizabeth Funk on Optimism and Entrepreneurship


Tech legend Elizabeth Funk’s career has been built on the ever-evolving idea of community- from building communities online during her early days at Yahoo!, to micro investments that bolster growing communities, to her current efforts tackling homelessness issues in our real-life communities, with dignity and solutions-oriented thinking.

The harvard Business School alum takes on new challenges with optimism and gratitude, and her generous and intelligent nature makes for a must-listen interview.



2:15 - What Elizabeth’s childhood was like

5:45 - Her Savior of the Debutante Ball

7:16 - The impact of family

9:33 - Starting out at Microsoft

13:32 - Eternal optimism and getting into Harvard

16:36 - Being in tech in the early days

22:12 - Compensation with shares of Yahoo!

24:24 - How their first ad ran into a funny faux pas

27:16 - Yahoo! Shopping - as an early idea

30:37 - Entrepreneurial ideas taking shape

33:13 - Leaving Yahoo! to work with her future husband

36:05 - Moving into micro-finance

43:22 - What’s next for Dignity Fund

46:58 - Elizabeth tackles the homelessness problem

53:02 - Dignity Moves and Social Enterprises

55:45 - What keeps Elizabeth going, and what’s next

57:36 - How gratitude lists and optimism can serve you



7:17 - “I’ve always really prioritized being there for my children, and it’s been a real balance.”

19:21 - “People don’t define community by their zip code, they define community by shared passion.”

21:31 - “I’ve always felt that if you create something really powerful, it’ll monetize itself… there will be a way that it is worth something.”

34:52 - “You know that self-doubt and that imposter syndrome - we all have it - and you just have to set it aside and believe in yourself.”

38:14 - “When someone tells me it can’t be done - there was something in me… it was my aha moment - I thought, ’Yes, it can!’.”

40:27 - “A dollar in a woman’s hand is nearly twice as powerful in terms of economic recovery, than in a man’s, in developing countries.”

57:51 - “When times are at their worst, and when there’s disruption in your life or in the world, that creates opportunity.”



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