Episode 43 - Pulling Back the Curtain on Female Health and Wellness with LOLA Founders Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier

podcast Mar 18, 2022
Tracy Holland Interviews Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier


Episode 43: Show Notes

Do you know what your tampons are made of? This isn’t a question that many women ask themselves, but when Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier started to think about the answer, they couldn’t stop. After establishing that they had the same level of passion for bringing eco-conscious menstrual products to women in the most convenient way, they began their journey as entrepreneurs through the co-founding of LOLA. Not only is LOLA the first lifelong brand for reproductive health, but it is also one of the only brands that encourages open, honest conversations about a topic that has been hidden away in the shadows for so long. Join us today to hear how LOLA has grown over the past nine years and learn some of the key lessons that Alex and Jordana have learned along the way!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Alex and Jordana, the founders of women’s health and wellness brand LOLA
  • How Alex and Jordana have separated responsibilities within LOLA
  • Where the idea for LOLA originated and how Alex and Jordana’s partnership was formed
  • Growth that LOLA has experienced since its founding
  • Alex’s prior experience working in a start-up
  • Factors that have made Alex and Jordana’s partnership so successful
  • LOLA’s drive to get women talking about periods
  • An overview of how Jorana and Alex created a women’s health brand that users love, rather than just one that they have to use
  • Hear a bit about Alex and Jordana’s family histories with regard to entrepreneurship
  • The importance of acknowledging that there are many different definitions of success
  • A valuable lesson that Alex and Jordana have learned about decision making through their journey with LOLA
  • How Alex and Jordana feel about building a company and a family at the same time 
  • Where you can buy LOLA products



We're our own consumers and we want to make sure that what we put out into the world is of the highest standard and things that we would have ourselves use.” — @kieroyale [0:07:45]

We've always been aligned because we believe that the brand is solving an important problem and deserves to exist, and we'll do anything to make that work. If you find somebody who has low ego and is willing to put the business and the brand above all else and work together to make it succeed, then you've probably found the right partner.” — @kieroyale [0:12:30]

There are multiple ways to find success or call something a success.” @kieroyale [0:28:57]

We've learned over time that time is our most precious resource and making decisions and pushing things forward quickly, even when making some decisions poorly, is a better thing to do in a startup than it is to dwell.” — @friedgal [0:30:12]

On the LOLA front, it's been a really steep learning curve the whole time, which is what I think makes it fulfilling continually every year.” — @friedgal [0:35:32]


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