Episode 44 - Embracing the Spotlight and Your Inner Superstar with Celebrated Real Estate Agent Tracy Tutor

podcast Apr 15, 2022
Tracy Holland Interviews Tracy Tutor


Today’s guest is a powerhouse personified: a visionary real estate entrepreneur, a reality TV star, and a devoted mom. Real talk: Tracy Tutor didn’t always have everything as together in her life as she does now, and she’s as candid about the challenging times she’s faced as she is about her successes. There are many parallels between our guest Tracy and me, and in today’s episode we delve into marriage, divorce, dating younger men, and how we have learned to wholly and unapologetically embrace who we are. Tracy’s balance of femininity and toughness, her drive to support other women on their own journeys of discovery, and her willingness to be open to whatever opportunities present themselves to her are some of the many qualities that make her a truly inspirational woman. Tune in today to hear Tracy’s story — from an aspiring actress waiting tables to a force to be reckoned with in all aspects of life.    


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest: real estate entrepreneur and reality TV star Tracy Tutor
  • How Tracy gives back and the meaning it gives her life
  • Tracy shares the story of her unsuccessful marriage and the important lessons she learned through that journey.
  • How Tracy’s life changed when she started embracing her power
  • An overview of Tracy’s family dynamics
  • Qualities that Tracy has inherited from her dad
  • Why Tracy thinks that everyone can benefit from waiting tables
  • What Tracy’s childhood dream career was and how she got into real estate
  • The life-changing impact that starring in a reality TV show had on Tracy
  • A deep dive into Tracy’s three full-time jobs
  • Reasons that motivated Tracy to write her book, Fear Is Just A Four Letter Word
  • The delicate balance that Tracy holds between her femininity and her toughness
  • What Tracy loves about dating
  • We share our experiences of dating men from a younger generation.
  • The power of being open to opportunities and the new venture that Tracy is involved in that came as a result of her openness to new opportunities



Just fine isn’t enough. I don’t think for any of us. We don’t want to be just fine. We want to be extremely fucking happy.” — @thetracytutor [0:08:50]

Figuring out how to listen to people and understand someone and sit across from someone and make the connection. I mean, there’s no better way to learn that than being a waitress or waiter.” — @thetracytutor [0:19:49]

There is a lot of failure, and there’s the recovery from the failure. The comeback versus the setback is what makes you great. That’s what is the difference between a real estate agent and a badass broker.” — @thetracytutor [0:35:28]

This whole idea of ‘til death do you part in a career, in a marriage, and a friendship should not fucking exist. ‘Til unhappy do us part; that’s really how it should be told.” — @thetracytutor [0:49:49]


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