Episode 6 - Identifying and Implementing Today’s Trends to Build Need-to-Have Brands with Katherine Power

podcast Mar 05, 2021
Katherine Power on Brand Building, Trends, and Clean Beauty


Katherine Power is a fashion and beauty supernova with an uncanny ability to “find the white space” in saturated markets, and an uncanny ear-to-the-ground for trend and consumer feedback. Launching successful concepts from fashion (WhoWhatWear), to beauty products (Versed, Merit), to wine (Avaline) - all while raising a newborn - Katherine has done it all.  

A member of Forbes’ 40 under 40, and an adviser for Los Angeles non-profit Baby2Baby, Katherine’s approach is a masterclass in turning passions into a personal roadmap for a well-rounded, well-considered version of success.



2:54 - How Katherine and Tracy met

5:26 - Starting her entrepreneurial journey

10:00 - How she supported herself when she was just getting started

12:45 - On being an entrepreneur

13:49 - The companies Katherine has founded

18:03 - The role digital media plays in her business

18:55 - All about Avaline Organic Wines

22:46 - Her latest brand, Merit, is just coming to market

26:16 - Managing home-life with four businesses and a family 

32:22 - Navigating success and a newborn

38:01 - Childbirth, C-section, and choice 

40:41 - Her policy around maternity leave and the workplace

43:02 - On her best practices 

45:04 - To-do lists the old fashioned way

46:41 - What she might have done differently in hindsight

48:43 - Katherine’s advice on taking the leap into entrepreneurism



9:21 - “We knew nothing about the internet. We knew nothing about starting a business. We didn’t have an actual business plan. We were firing something completely new - it was kind of the Wild West.”

36:32 - “…it doesn’t matter - you’re always gonna be the mom.”

46:50 - “I just don’t think there’s such a thing as a mistake, when it comes to your career, because it’s just kind of a change in course and you end up where you’re supposed to be.” 

48:45 - “Find something you love to do, and then figure out a way to get paid for it.”

49:17 - “I love making money and figuring out how to make money, but I don’t really do any of this for money - I do it because it’s exciting for me when I get up.”


PARAPHRASE (edited quotes):

10:25 - “I’m less risky when it comes to my body or my safety…. Like I wouldn’t jump out of a plane, but I’ll give you the last $36,000 in my bank account because I have a great idea.”



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