Episode 7 - Futurecasting and Successful Storytelling with USA Networks Founder Kay Koplovitz

podcast Mar 12, 2021
Kay Koplovitz USA Networks Founder, Satellites and Seeing the Future


USA Network Founder, Kay Koplovitz is the visionary who created the business model for cable networks. In this episode, we dive into the details of her journey as the founder of a multi-billion dollar television cable network, and how she found inspiration learning about satellites and science.

As the first woman to head a television network, Kay is passionate about bringing women to the forefront of social media and the news and believes that young girls everywhere should know that they can do anything they set their minds to. This is why it's critical to continue telling extraordinary stories like Kay’s.



[00:20] All about Kay Koplovitz and how she describes herself

[05:10] Kay speaks about her relationship with her dad and what she remembers about her first time negotiating a deal.

[12:30] Kay talks about a pivotal moment that changed the trajectory of her career.

[22:00] How Kay would coach herself differently at the start of her career.

[28:50] What it is like being the only woman in a boardroom. Plus, Kay speaks about her vision for Springboard Enterprises.

[47:40] All about Kay's books.

[57:40] There are nothing but infinite opportunities out in the world; find something you love!



We have to continue to highlight and bring women to the foreground.
A little girl can grow up and do whatever they want to do. It is imperative that we keep telling stories of women doing extraordinary things.
You should see nothing but infinite possibilities out in the world.
Life is so much more fulfilling if you're doing something that captures your imagination.



Kay Koplovitz is the Founder of USA Network and the visionary who created the business model for cable networks by introducing the concept of two revenue streams, licensing and advertising. When she founded USA Network under the banner of Madison Square Garden Sports in 1977 she was the first woman to head a television network.

As a visionary of what sports television would become, Ms. Koplovitz launched major professional and collegiate sports on cable television by negotiating the first contracts for cable coverage for Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the Masters from Augusta Georgia, the US Tennis Open and a collection of NCAA conference sporting events.



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