Episode 9 - Conquering Impostor Syndrome and Living with Enthusiasm with Coach Keren Eldad

podcast Mar 26, 2021
Keren Eldad on Mindset, Imposter Syndrome and Functioning as a Powerhouse


Keren Eldad (“Coach Keren”) is a master executive coach whose unique method is designed to help the most intense personalities uncover and overcome their blind spots. Her clients are all world-class leaders, including high profile athletes, media personalities, and major corporations like LVMH, Richemont, Luxxotica, Deutsche Bank and Global Fashion Group to name a few.

Coach Keren’s mission is to arm high-performers with an unstoppable mindset so that they can reach their most inspiring goals and discover their true potential, purpose, and joy. 



4:15 - Keren - in her own words

9:35 - What overachievers are looking for in coaching

10:51 - The premise most entrepreneurs get wrong

15:19 - What the problem is

16:33 - A turning point for Keren

18:05 - Shifting into “Now what?”

19:04 - Having it all - and still being unhappy

20:34 - Turning it around

23:21 - Keren’s formula for achieving gracefully 

27:05 - On the impact of the pandemic

29:06 - Digging into “Imposter Syndrome”

35:55 - The importance of recognizing your own triggers

41:25 - Keren’s Powerhouse advice for 2021



4:38 - “Mindfulness… mindset support… this is a learnable skill. There is actually nothing that serious going on, but you can master it, and when you master this - you reach new realms of performance.”

6:46 - “Your expectations, therefore, are always outpacing your desires, which leaves you somehow chasing… chasing… chasing and feeling empty, coming up empty, every single time.”

36:23 - “If you want to set yourself up for a day in which you are truly killing it, and not ending the day with this feeling of coulda, shoulda, woulda… start with proper planning.” 

37:02 - “Start speaking to yourself kindly. Enough with the negative self-talk. Drop it like it’s hot - because it is toxic garbage.”

43:14 - “Every day we can begin again. Every day! Even if you’ve had nothing and nowhere, and all the odds stacked against you, and a really tough year… begin right now. Walk out of your door, right now, and decide that ‘I’m here - I’m alive - and I’m gonna do this’.”



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