Episode 51 - What Every Parent Needs to Know Now with Parenting Expert Katherine Sellery

podcast Jun 15, 2022


Parenting is difficult. It is even more challenging when you are trying to be the best, most well-rounded parent you can be but you are still carrying the generational trauma that has been passed onto you by your own family. The good news is that it’s never too late to reset your approach to parenting, and today’s guest is a sage expert who can help guide you along this journey. 

Katherine Sellery is the founder of Conscious Parenting Revolution, an organization that helps parents become more conscious and thoughtful about how they communicate with and raise their children. In today’s episode, Katherine speaks about the challenging relationship she had with her own mother and the journey she went through to free herself from it. Our conversation also covers the power of celebrating mistakes, why we need to become aware of our trigger points, and the difference between punitive and restorative justice in the context of parenting. Addressing your past can be a complex process, but with a strong support system and experts like Katherine, it is a rewarding endeavor like no other. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How our upbringing impacts the way that we parent our own children
  • The percentage of children who are able to overcome the psychological differential between an adult and a child 
  • Why it is problematic to raise children to be obedient and compliant
  • A real-world example that epitomizes the concept of “the tragic expression of an unmet need”
  • The way we should react when to a trigger that someone activates in us
  • Katherine explains the difference between punitive and restorative justice and how these approaches relate to parenting.
  • How we can gain control of our thoughts and feelings so that we can subsequently gain control of our actions
  • The book that helped Katherine understand her own upbringing
  • Tragedies that Katherine has experienced in her life and how she responded to them 
  • Generational trauma that Tracy has become aware of in her family
  • Work that Katherine had to do to separate herself from her generational trauma
  • Why Tracy and Katherine both have baby pictures of themselves on their desks
  • The value of having difficult conversations with our children, and celebrating their (and our own) mistakes



What we really want children to learn is how to be considerate, not obedient and compliant.” — @K_WinterSellery [0:09:02]

Who of us has not been catalyzed, exploded, and been triggered? We all have. It's part of the human condition. The only thing that I think we can all do is take responsibility. Stand up and say, ‘I regret what I've done. I lost it. It's not what I wanted to do.’” @K_WinterSellery [0:14:32]

How I think about things commands how I feel about things. My narrative about this situation is going to command my actions.” — @K_WinterSellery [0:21:42]

The conscious parenting revolution is also about parenting your inner child.” @K_WinterSellery [0:22:20]

“Whether we intend to do harm or not, if we're not aware of the trauma that we experienced in the ways in which it's being passed down into our own parenting and relationships beyond that, then we may be doing harm.” @K_WinterSellery [0:31:57]


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