Episode 54 - Healing the World, One Circle at a Time, with Mindfulness Coach and Actress Andrea Bendewald

podcast Aug 10, 2022
Tracy Holland Interviews Andrea Bendewald


Andrea Bendewald discovered the power of circling early on in her acting career. Upon moving from New York to Los Angeles, she attended her first circle, which was comprised of actors, singers, writers, and producers, and found out that these successful and self-empowered women had the same complex inner emotional landscape as she did. She instantly felt less alone more supported. She is now a circle facilitator and brings that same life-changing magic into her business, The Art of Circling. In today’s episode, Andrea and Tracy come together to explore how the authentic sharing of ourselves strengthens our intuition, increases our self-esteem, and enhances our overall expansiveness. 


Key Points:

  • How Tracy and Andrea met
  • Andrea grew up in the Lower West Side of Manhattan during the ‘80s, and this upbringing provided an incredible basis for an inspiring childhood and young adulthood.
  • Andrea began acting at a young age and even attended a high school for performing arts. 
  • Andrea dives into what both of her parents were like and how their work ethics shaped her into who she is today.
  • Key takeaway: Stop forcing things and start fitting into the flow so you can begin to enjoy life and trust the process.
  • The mindset of enjoying the process helps Andrea tremendously through her acting career as the audition process is tedious; if you don’t love and enjoy auditioning, you are in the wrong job market. 
  • Andrea revisits the beginning of her friendship with Jennifer Aniston. 
  • Andrea tells the story of her first acting gig on a sitcom alongside Harland Williams and Jason Bateman.
  • Andrea explains that she wasn’t in her “zone of genius” and decided to lean into her obsession with circling. 
  • Andrea tells her story about her first circling experience in Laurel Canyon right after she moved to LA from NYC. 
  • Tracy and Andrea bond over their shared experience with talking sticks. 
  • Burning Man led Andrea to fall in love with art for art’s sake again, and upon returning home from the festival, she decided to buy a teepee and create a sacred space for circles in her backyard in Beverly Hills. 
  • Today, Andrea rides on the joy of having the best of both worlds through knowing what to say yes to and what to say no to with respect of keeping the energy flow moving. 


Memorable Quotes:

“In a circle, we get to remember who we truly are and reconnect with who we truly are before everyone told us who we were supposed to be.” 

“When women gather, shift happens!”

“Self-made people many times have children who are self-made people … they understand that there are a lot of moving parts.”

“I spent so much extra energy trying to force things … sometimes you force and you get it, it does move the needle, but I wish I could back and do it again, and just try and enjoy.” 




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