Episode 58 - The Ambition Paradox: How to Find Fulfillment at the Top with Transformational Architect Tracy Yates

podcast Oct 12, 2022
Tracy Holland Interviews Tracy Yates

Episode Summary

Tracy Yates is a Transformational Architect and founder of Mindway, her mentorship practice for guiding changemakers, legendary leaders, and visionaries to boundary-less potential. Tracy shares with us her pathway to finding more purpose — no matter what stage of our career we’re at. She teaches us how to soar beyond limitations to achieve personal evolution and business expansion in this soul-stirring conversation. This episode is for you if you have reached what you consider to be “the top” — the pinnacle of your professional and personal goals that you’ve been striving for your entire life and you still find yourself thinking “Now what?!”. Tracy calls this the Ambition Paradox — that lost feeling many of us have when we’ve achieved all of the goals we’ve set out for ourselves but are still searching for true fulfillment. The answer lies in tapping into a higher frequency of success that’s found within ourselves. 


Key Points

  • Introduction to the Ambition Paradox [1:00]
  • The epidemic of exhausted leaders [04:44]
  • How Tracy Yates got to where she is today and how she started out with bringing her solo marketing agency to a multimillion dollar company [06:51]
  • Tracy Yates experienced what she calls an “illumination” that set her on a path that transformed her life. [13:25]
  • Ambitious, successful people want freedom. [16:23]
  • Recalibrating your identity [18:43]
  • The six phases of the Ambition Paradox [20:20]
  • How to be balanced and not white-knuckle through life [22:35]
  • Tracy Yates’ unorthodox approach to healing [27:46]
  • How Tracy Yates defines success in her life perspective [41:06]
  • Choose to move to a higher frequency of life and you will see you will be taking huge leaps forward. [43:06]



Website: wearemindway.com

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Tracy Yates is a sought-after Transformational Architect, Alchemist, and Mentor to thought leaders and changemakers who go beyond the bounds of limitations in business, in life, and within themselves. Tracy built an 8-figure business from the ground up marketing for the world's biggest brands like Google, Hulu, Disney, and Amazon, she’s a serial entrepreneur spanning two decades, an award-winning strategist, and a catalyst for boundary-less potential.  She is a secret weapon to iconic leaders who create extraordinary lives, revolutionary and prosperous businesses with aliveness and fulfillment within their being. Tracy is known for her lightning-speed transformations that unleash even the highest achievers' dormant potency, brilliance, and potential that catapults remarkable expansion in their lives, income, and leadership.

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