Episode 60 - Powerhouse Media Personality Kim Gravel on How to Believe in Our Own Beauty

podcast Nov 16, 2022
Tracy Holland Interviews Kim Gravel

You may know Kim Gravel from her Belle apparel and beauty collection — QVC’s highest-performing and fastest-growing line ever — or her Lifetime docuseries Kim of Queens or her regular appearances on The Steve Harvey Show. This former Miss Georgia isn’t known as “America’s Best Girlfriend” for nothing. 

But that’s just the start. Not only is she a successful serial entrepreneur and a megawatt TV personality, Kim Gravel is an industry leader, certified Life Coach, mentor, advisor, and consultant with a palpable passion for people and seeing them rise. 

On this week’s juicy episode of the Potential to Powerhouse Podcast Tracy and Kim get down to business — the business of creating a better life, for ourselves and for those around us. From the benefits of being a latchkey kid to the power of looking inward to find true confidence, nothing is off limits and the resulting conversation is relatable, hilarious, and, most of all, empowering.


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