Episode 61 - How to Overcome Obstacles and Come Into Our Own Power with Amanda Gunawan

podcast Nov 16, 2022
Tracy Holland Interviews Amanda Gunawan

The value of identifying our dreams early on and — here’s the key — actually following through on them cannot be overestimated.

Amanda Gunawan, Co-Founding Principal of OWIU Design and an award-winning architectural designer, knows firsthand the undeniable power of taking a leap of faith. After a childhood spent in Indonesia and Singapore, Amanda came to California to study architecture, opening her own design studio at the age of 25 with partner Joel Wong in 2018.  

At 29, Amanda is also an accomplished product designer and is in the process of getting her contractor’s license — not bad for the 8-year-old girl who told her class she was going to be a real estate developer. Amanda joins Tracy this week on the Potential to Powerhouse Podcast to discuss how to build the beginnings of a dream into the business of reality.

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