Episode 63 - Rebecca Zung's Powerhouse Strategies for Dealing with Narcissists

podcast Oct 13, 2023

Join us in this engaging episode as we dive into the incredible journey of Rebecca Zung, a legal powerhouse who's transformed her life and career through resilience and determination. Raised in a unique blend of Chinese and German cultures, Rebecca shares her path from becoming a young mother of three at 22 to a thriving family law attorney. Pivotal decisions mark her story, the pursuit of her dreams, and the realization that true success requires courage and determination. Rebecca delves into her discovery of narcissism, which led to her popular "SLAY" program, designed to help people navigate relationships with narcissists. Her rapid rise from 300 YouTube subscribers to over 40 million views and 10,000 SLAY program sales is a testament to the power of making a 100% commitment. Tracy Holland praises Rebecca's achievements and highlights her valuable techniques for dealing with narcissistic relationships. If you're curious about Rebecca's journey and the art of slaying the bully within, this episode is filled with valuable insights and inspiration.


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  • Rebecca Zung’s unique background and early life of blended cultures [00:05:41]
  • Rebecca’s Journey: Early marriage and divorce in her twenties led her to start law school as a single mother while she was teaching at an inner-city school [00:07:30]
  • Rebecca’s Turning Point: She faced a pivotal moment when she realized she had to leave and change her life if she didn’t want to be stuck. [00:09:05]
  • How Rebecca entered family law and her journey to becoming a top family attorney all thanks to one pivotal dinner. [00:10:01]
  • Rebecca’s business challenges and breaking point when she realized she had lost autonomy of her own life, even though she owned her practice, which led her to her exit. [00:18:43]
  • Rebecca’s Toxic Partnership [00:26:51]
  • Rebecca’s Path to her successful YouTube and SLAY Program helps people identify and win with narcissists. [00:31:54]
  • The concept of narcissistic tendencies and diamond vs. coal supply - How to handle narcissists in various situations and relationships. [00:40:03]
  • Rebecca’s new book! Slay the Bully: How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win


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