Episode 64: Aligning Mindset and Energy: Martha Higareda's Path to Success, Self-Love, and Healing"

podcast Oct 20, 2023
Tracy Holland Interviews Martha Higareda

In this inspiring episode of "Potential to Powerhouse," we dive into the remarkable journey of Martha Higareda, a successful actor, writer, director, and manifestation enthusiast. Hosted by Tracy Holland, this episode uncovers the power of neurolinguistic programming, manifestation, and the smart strategies and success secrets that have shaped Martha's path to success.


  • The Gift of Neurolinguistic Programming and Manifestation - Martha shares her early experiences with manifestation, and the impact her father had on her life with sharing these powerful concepts 
  • A pivotal moment when a friend saw the manifestation and dreams of Martha becoming an actress
  • How Tracy & Martha becoming friends was a manifestation in action
  • Quantum Physics and a Full Circle Moment - Martha experienced a manifestation becoming a reality at this unforgettable trip to Universal Studios… this is why your goals and manifestations should be specific
  • Martha’s experience working with Keanu Reeves
  • Overcoming Doubts - Martha discusses her experience with doubts, and learning to lean into her younger self… What am I willing to sacrifice?
  • Borrowing Wisdom - In the face of doubts or fear, Martha talks to herself on her deathbed and considers what wisdom she can borrow from the version of herself… That wisdom is usually that she can do EVERYTHING.
  • Organize, Delegate & Enjoy
  • Breaking down the paradigms of love stories we are taught growing up, and learning how to face your inner child wounds to prepare for true love. 
  • Martha discusses her future projects and involvements
  • The Sound of Freedom movie - Martha is using her platform to make a difference and show what is important to her  


Believe in your dreams and take the opportunities that come your way.

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