Episode 65 - Empowering Women in Business: Jennifer Schwab Wangers' Vision, Success, and Building Strong Relationships at Entity Academy

podcast Oct 30, 2023
Tracy Holland Interview Jennifer Schwab Wangers


In this episode, we dive into the world of entrepreneurship with a particular focus on the challenges female founders face. Our guest, Jennifer Schwab Wangers, is the founder and CEO of Entity Academy, and she shares her remarkable journey as a woman in the business world.


Key Points

  • Challenges of Starting as a Female Founder (1:31)
    • Jennifer opens up about her unique challenges while establishing her business in a male-dominated industry.
    • Shockingly, women receive less than 2% of venture funding, making the journey even more arduous. 
  • Early Years of the Business (6:48)
    • Discover the early years of Entity and how Jennifer’s determination led to early success. 
    • Building solid relationships from the beginning became critical to her company’s growth. 
    • Susan, a crucial advisor and investor, played a pivotal role in her journey.
  • The Power of the WHO Network (8:32)
    • The WHO network is the secret behind Jennifer’s successful B2B business strategy. 
    • Learn how tapping into this network can yield a remarkable 10x return on time investment. 
    • Leveraging relationships is the key to exponential growth. 
  • Importance of Building Strong Relationships (13:01)
    • Discover the immense value of nurturing relationships in business and personal life. 
    • Jennifer shares how expressing appreciation and gratitude can strengthen these connections. 
    • Tracy’s approach to networking provides valuable insights. 
  • Overcoming Fear and Loneliness as an Entrepreneur (17:34)
    • Explore the primal fear that fueled Jennifer’s entrepreneurial journey and the price of living with this mindset
    • Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but Jennifer emphasizes the significance of mentorship and building a supportive team. 
  • Getting Comfortable with Volatility and Complexity (26:38)
    • Embrace the volatility and complexity of the business landscape by wearing multiple hats and seeking candid feedback. 
    • Create a clear job description and seek peer input to thrive in a constantly changing environment.
  • Building a Fulfilling Life (31:29)
    • Jennifer’s passion for getting more women into tech and ensuring their happiness and prosperity shines through. 
    • Taking personal risks and building a life that supports prosperity are vital ingredients for a fulfilling journey.


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