Episode 66 - Turning Maternity Leave into Business Success with Lisa Druxman

podcast Nov 09, 2023
Tracy Holland Interviews Lisa Druxman

In this episode of Potential to Powerhouse, Lisa Druxman shared her incredible journey as a mom and an entrepreneur. Lisa is the founder of Fit for Mom, the leading company offering health, wellness, and fitness programs catering to every stage of motherhood. With over 300 franchisees and 1000 locations across the United States, Fit for Mom has opened up entrepreneurial opportunities for moms nationwide.



Tracy introduces Fit 4 Mom and Lisa Druxman. Lisa's journey started from a single class during her maternity leave, growing into owning a company with over 300 franchisees and 1000 locations.



Lisa's career shift began during her maternity leave. She transitioned from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, founding the Stroller Strides community, which she never intended would become the business it is today.



As the family's primary breadwinner, Lisa left a stable job to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions, changing her life significantly.



Stroller Strides, a workout class and community, evolved into Fit4Moms, encompassing eight diverse programs and impacting the lives of numerous moms.



Fit4Moms has supported nearly a million moms, empowering them in their journey through motherhood emphasizing strength and support for women.



Though she had never started a business, Lisa received substantial support, particularly from her husband, while building her business.



Lisa's decision to franchise her business encountered challenges, notably navigating between licensing and franchising. She relied on advice and exhibited faith in those she consulted.



The significance of investing in the right advice is highlighted in her journey.



Reflecting on her experiences, Lisa underscores the importance of expanding her network and leveraging available resources in today's entrepreneurial landscape.



The need for diverse perspectives and voices to enrich business decisions and strategies.



Lisa discusses her concept of time, emphasizing the need to avoid living in a perpetual state of chaos and overwhelm. She emphasizes the power to design both business and life.



Lisa's book, "The Empowered Mama: How to Reclaim Your Time and Yourself While Raising a Happy, Healthy Family," addresses the challenge of preventing the business from overtaking one's life.



Addressing the prevalent state of overwhelm in many lives and advocating for alternative models that create a thriving business and personal life, advising against "white-knuckling," and promoting the delegation of tasks.



Lisa identifies the importance of recognizing the signals indicating getting back on the hamster wheel and emphasizes self-care as a crucial element for maintaining balance and joy.



Lisa shares insights into how she schedules her life, discussing her ideal weekly schedule. She advocates for implementing different themes and time blocks, providing purpose and wholeness in her day-to-day life.


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