Episode 69 - Leeza Gibbons' inspiring journey from Southern values to becoming one of the most well known women in Hollywood

podcast Dec 14, 2023
Tracy Holland Interviews Leeza Gibbons

In this episode, Leeza Gibbons, the Emmy Award winning daytime and evening talk show host of Entertainment Tonight with John Tesh, shares her inspiring journey from down home, Southern values to becoming one of the most well known women in Hollywood. As a career pivot (you will have to listen to hear her story!) She became an advocate for dementia, and mental health for caretakers of those with debilitating diseases..  Listen as she reflects on her childhood in a small Southern community, where storytelling shaped her identity, and how her mother's encouragement played a significant role in leading her to become one of the most well-known, and well-loved women in Hollywood.

  • Leeza opens up about her career change when she became a caretaker for her mother with Alzheimer's disease. She found purpose in this role and embraced storytelling to connect and help others. She also shares the struggles she faced and how she handled them with grace and resilience
  •   Entrepreneurship, courage, and mentorship. Leeza emphasizes the value of being fiercely optimistic and resilient in the face of challenges. She shares personal experiences of taking bold action without thinking and talks candidly about her regrets around not seeking mentor(s) or mastermind groups to support her earlier in her life and career. Leeza and Tracy also talk about the different approaches men and women have towards networking, with men prioritizing the "who" and women focusing on the "how."
  • Finding balance and fulfillment in life is explored. Leeza shares that balancing work and personal life is not about finding a middle ground, but rather investing in personal growth and self-care. She reflects on her time at Entertainment Tonight and the realization that despite being in “charge” and having all of the success in the world, she often felt lonely. Leeza now finds joy in nurturing and supporting others, and being in the moment, enjoying those she loves, doing the things she loves. 
  • Leeza discusses the significance of setting boundaries and recalibrating expectations for personal happiness. She calls this the “key’ to letting yourself step into your authentic self, and the pivot on how vital this step is, to ultimate joy and happiness. 
  • Leeza shares her journey of learning to say no to things that don't align with her values, which helped her avoid burnout and unhappiness. Learning to say no can be the biggest catalyst to a health, happy life!  Leeza realized that she needed to stop constantly achieving and start receiving, taking ownership of her life! 
  • She discusses the importance of embracing vulnerability and finding inner peace. Leeza opens about her fear of intimacy as a younger woman, and her authenticity, and how it impacts both her work and personal life. She also emphasizes the power of sharing stories and revealing vulnerabilities to support and heal others, which is the truth / trust dynamic.
  • Self-care, recalibration, and finding joy. Leeza emphasizes that identifying and nurturing joy is especially important for caregivers.To support caregivers, Leeza has launched a mentor program called "Hugs", aimed at helping them grow and find support, when taking care of someone else that you love. This is such a critical part of self-care, making sure you are nourishing yourself, while taking care of someone else. 
  • Leeza emphasizes the profound impact of caregiving on one's life, knowing that each day is precious, and that when you are a caretaker of a sick loved one, there can be a reduction in your own lifespan due to lack of sleep, socialization, and self-care, and it is critical to find a support system to nurture you in this role. 

Don't miss this heartfelt episode filled with valuable insights on personal growth, caregiving,career  and finding joy! 

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