Episode 70 - Scaling without Dilution: Exploring Neha Govindraj's Unique Business Lending Instrument

podcast Jan 16, 2024
Tracy Holland Interviews Neha Govindraj

Join us in this important episode of Potential to Powerhouse as we delve into the world of entrepreneurship, finance, and financeable (non dilutive!) growth for brick-and-mortar businesses. Meet Neha Govindraj, a visionary who has unlocked the secret to scaling businesses without diluting the founder’s ownership. Learn about Neha's personal journey, from her childhood fascination with puzzles and games to her college major shift from computer science to economics, with a passionate focus on startups. 

In this episode, we dive into key highlights including:

 Discovering the Importance of Capital for Business Growth:

  • Neha's experience at Bain & Company, and co-founding Glow Bar, a high growth start-up which led her to the realization that capital is crucial for business growth – and capital was impossible to find, without being highly dilutive to founders. This important “aha” moment was the catalyst to her founding Bonside.
  • Career Paths and Decision-Making:
  • Neha discusses how an internship at Bain & Company helped her discover her career trajectory. She also highlights the role of her supportive family in her decision to pursue entrepreneurship. 

Leveraging Education and Work Experience:

  • Neha emphasizes the importance of leveraging a prestigious school or work experience to gain credibility and confidence in the entrepreneurial journey. 
  • She advises setting a time limit for starting a business to allow for inspired decision-making. 

Finding Funding for Your Business:

  • Neha and her co-founder raised capital to fuel the early growth of their business, and later sought institutional capital without an investment banker (a smart way to avoid steep investment banker fees!)

Understanding Venture Capital and Equity:

  • Neha reflects on her experience with venture capital and the importance of questioning industry norms. She explains how equity ownership and valuations play a crucial role in the startup journey. Bonside provides capital to brick and mortar businesses, just off the simplicity of cash flow, without personal guarantees, or onerous equity giveaways. This was a new instrument in the lending business and has shaken the financing world - with a fair way to borrow for growth! YESSSS! 

Revolutionizing Brick-and-Mortar Industry:

  • Neha discusses her transition from Bonside to GlowBar, emphasizing the rise in angel investing and the need for a different investment structure to scale brick-and-mortar businesses. She advocates for focusing on profitability and positive change in the industry rather than solely pursuing revenue.

Alternative Financing Options:

  • Neha shares her vision for creating a new asset class by providing growth capital to brick-and-mortar businesses in exchange for a percentage of sales. The idea is to have a fixed repayment cap with no perpetual collection. This alternative financing option, such as Bonside, can help unlock revenue for multi-unit businesses by improving cash flow.

Get ready for an inspiring journey that will motivate you to reach your full potential. Join us on this exciting adventure by tuning in to "Potential to Powerhouse" today. Together, we can unlock the secrets to success for female entrepreneurs everywhere. Let's do this! 

For more information on Neha’s business model and financing structure for brick and mortar retailers looking to scale with non dilutive capital access, please visit Bonside.com

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