Episode 71 - Longevity and Science: The Business of Reversing Aging with Dr. Joy Kong

podcast Jan 25, 2024
Tracy Holland Interviews Joy Kong

In this episode on Potential to Powerhouse, Tracy Holland interviews Dr. Joy Kong, a powerhouse doctor, and anti-aging expert who uses stem cell therapy to reverse aging. Dr. Joy Kong discusses reversing aging with a time machine-like approach (lets gooooooo!!!!)  She shares her personal story and impact on the world, highlighting her unique stem cell product and integrity in the field, which has attracted a hot to trot client base. In the conversation, Dr. Joy Kong explains stem cells and their role in regeneration, as well as the potential benefits of stem cell therapy for anti-aging and rejuvenation. Are you ready to turn back the clock? If so, listen in and make sure to take notes… 


Some juicy highlights… 


Career path and entrepreneurship with her eye on moving to the United States

  • Dr. Joy discusses her experience of facing rejection when her visa application was rejected after being accepted to medical school - she had to shift her mindset and make it happen, despite the odds. 
  • She realized the potential of scaling her impact through business, leading her to create her  own stem cell products because she could not find what she thought was the perfect blend of stem cells on the market. 

Overcoming obstacles and persistence in business and life

  • Dr. Joy persisted in pursuing her career goals despite setbacks, leading to her current success in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She talks candidly about her experience of facing rejection and using anger to find a way out, leading to unexpected opportunities, and by being in the right place, at the right time… 

Stem cells and their role in regeneration

  • Dr. Joy explains that stem cells have embedded intelligence that guides their development and differentiation into various cell types, with the process of cell division involving a gradual loss of potential, to differentiate into a wider variety of cells.

Stem cell therapy and its potential benefits

  • Dr. Joy explains that mesenchymal stem cells can be used to repair various conditions, including heart and lung diseases, without the need for clinical studies, we are just scratching the surface of what is possible for stem cell technology and the applications
  •  Dr. Joy discusses the process of collecting and selecting cord blood and tissue donations, emphasizing the importance of screening for genetic abnormalities and ensuring the donor's health history is perfect.

Stem cells use and regulations

  • Stem cells from birth tissue are safer and more mature than embryonic stem cells, with potential to repair chronic issues and reverse diagnoses.

Huge impact of stem cell therapy for anti-aging and rejuvenation

  •  Dr. Joy shares her experience with stem cell therapy, revealing a significant improvement in their appearance after treatment.
  • Dr. Joy shares her personal experience of doing this treatment every 3 months for the last 8 years, with consistent results. Take a look at her profile photo - she is gorgeous! 

Overcoming self and trusting the process

  • Dr. Joy's most exciting aspect of her work is working with doctors and seeing patient results, which gives her passion and joy!  She has learned to let go of control and surrender to the process, as entrepreneurs often struggle with controlling things but there's a huge cost to white knuckling! 

For those interested in learning more about Dr. Joy Kong's tenacity and persistence, and how they have maintained their youthful appearance through anti-aging practices, her memoir "Tiger of Beijing," available on Amazon… 

Visit her on joykongmd.com or on her YouTube Joy Kong MD

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