Episode 73 - Alyssa Carson's Fearless Rise to Astronaut Stardom

podcast Mar 08, 2024

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled episode with our special guest, Alyssa Carson, an astronaut in training  who is set to become the youngest American woman to go into space as a part of the 2024 mission.In this episode, Tracy Holland interviews Alyssa Carson, taking us on an exhilarating journey from NASA Space Camps to becoming an astronaut trainee. Alyssa enlightens us on how she's been recognized globally for her achievements in space exploration, speaking at events worldwide while pursuing her PhD at the age of 22.

Alyssa Carson is not only a certified pilot and skydiver but also is all about ways to conquer fear and self-doubt through daily self-talk and staying focused on her purpose. This is the epic part of the conversation – Alyssa feels all the fear, and all the feels, but does it anyway! Strap in and prepare to be inspired by Alyssa's incredible determination, resilience, and willingness to push boundaries.


Episode highlights that'll blow your mind: 

  • Space exploration, astrobiology, and the possibility of alien life.
    • Alyssa Carson, age 22, is a space enthusiast and astrobiology researcher pursuing a PhD in space and planetary science at the University of Arkansas.
  • Space exploration and Mars
    • Alyssa's interest in space and Mars may have originated from watching the Backyardigans cartoon, which featured a mission to Mars episode.
  • Space exploration and the future of the space industry.
    • Alyssa Carson, a young and dynamic female in STEM and astrobiology, gained public attention after being featured on BBC and CNN (at age 12!!!)  for her passion and expertise in space exploration.
  • Space exploration and inspiring young girls.
    • Alyssa emphasizes the importance of sharing space-related opportunities with young kids, as they may be passionate or good at unique jobs in the industry beyond traditional STEM fields like math and science.
  • Pursuing astronaut dreams through unique extracurricular activities.
    • Alyssa aims to excel in astronaut selection through unique extracurricular activities like scuba diving and skydiving, overcoming fear and gaining control during flight training to grow and succeed.
  • Overcoming fear and pursuing dreams in the space industry.
    • Setting objectives and being persistent are two strategies Alyssa offers for overcoming fear and succeeding.

Grab your spacesuit and prepare for liftoff by hitting that play button now! 

Visit nasablueberry.com to learn more about Alyssa Carson.


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