Episode 74 - Journey from Ill-being to Well-being: Motives, a Blueprint for Work-Life Transformation

podcast Apr 09, 2024

Ready to optimize your personal and professional life by understanding human behavior? Dive into this episode with Kelly Mackin and discover how understanding you MOTIVES can transform your work experience.

Kelly Mackin is the co-founder and CEO of the Motives Met Platform, a human needs assessment tool that empowers people to create their best work life and workplace. She is a quantitative researcher of human behavior, a mind management coach, a psychological safety coach, and a cognitive behavioral therapy coach.

Highlights that make this episode so important for anyone who manages employees:

  • Kelly Mackin shares her personal journey and the driving force behind her entrepreneurial journey.
  •  Ill-being at work and its impact on various aspects of work life and productivity are explored.
  • The importance of research and understanding human behavior in creating a thriving work environment - her recommendations are priceless! 
  • The development of the online digital platform, Motives Met, a tool for identifying an individual’s motives so you can better plan for how to speak to them and incent them.
  • Hear Kelly’s practical framework to improve work dynamics.
  • Psychology is at the root of human communication and her tips on mindfulness are incorporated into Kelly's research approach.
  • The influence of motives on personal relationships and the upcoming release of Kelly's book, 'Work Life Well-Lived,' are highlighted.

Don’t miss this important conversation where we explore what it takes to relate to those closest to you, reduce staff turnover and manage your own personal growth and well-being in the workplace.

You can visit motivesmet.com to learn more about Kelly Mackin.

Check out her newly released book, (April 2nd 2024), "Work Life Well-Lived: The Motives Met Pathway to No-B.S. Well-Being at Work," for valuable guidance on creating a truly fulfilling work life.

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