Episode 75 - Creating Impact Through and Beyond Private Practice

podcast Apr 18, 2024

This episode of Potential to Powerhouse features our guest, Dr. Victoria Veytsman, also known as "Dr. V". As a sought-after celebrity dentist, Dr. V specializes in transforming smiles and boosting confidence through cosmetic dentistry, anti-aging dentistry, and dento-facial aesthetics. Throughout the podcast, we will uncover the secrets behind Dr. V's mission to enhance smiles through the art and science of cosmetic dentistry, ultimately boosting the confidence and self-esteem to her high-profile clients. 

Juicy highlights…

  • Dr. V's impressive accomplishments and rooted in her growth mindset, her ability to focus with an expanded heart has propelled her success in dentistry.
  • Transition to entrepreneurship: Gain insights into the challenges she encountered during key pivot points in her career and how she overcame them.
  • Uncover Dr. V’s commitment to the impact she has on her client’s confidence in themself and in the process of getting work done on their teeth - which can bring up fear in some people! 
  • Discover the significance of building a supportive team in any company you build, and Dr. V's belief in the importance of delegating tasks.
  • Witness Dr. V's fearless leap of faith in pursuit of her dreams and goals, and how she shares that you can do it too
  • Dr. V highlights the power of embracing femininity in a male-dominated field and the correlation between confidence and a beautiful smile.

 Check out Dr. V on instagram @drvictoriadds to learn more about her..

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