Episode 77 - Social Media on Trial: Annie McAdams' Battle Against Child Trafficking in the Digital Age – Part 2

podcast May 24, 2024
Tracy Holland interviews Annie McAdams

On today’s episode of Potential to Powerhouse podcast, we caught up with powerhouse Annie McAdams, to hear more about the important work she is doing around social media, child exploitation and sex trafficking. Annie and her firm, is taking on big tech, and going head to head to protect prospective victims against predators who are openly grooming and luring kids for sex online. In this eye-opening second episode with lawyer Annie McAdams, we continue uncovering how big tech companies play a role in child sex trafficking, and how she is holding them accountable. 

If you found Part 1 insightful, brace yourself for an even deeper dive in Part 2 as we continue our conversation with the fierce trial lawyer Annie McAdams. After her appearance last year on 60 Minutes, Annie returns to discuss with Tracy the updates on the ongoing battle against major tech companies and their role in facilitating child sex trafficking.

Part 2 Key Highlights…

  • Annie’s Ongoing Legal Crusade: Updates on Annie’s strategies and recent court victories.
  •  Annie McAdams’ Fight Against Tech Companies: Learn how Annie and her team are tackling the misuse of social media platforms in facilitating the sex trafficking of minors, and their efforts to overturn outdated protections like the Communications Decency Act.
  • The Role of Social Media in Trafficking: Insights into how traffickers exploit digital platforms to target minors and the urgent need for stricter platform regulation.
  • Judicial Reforms and Tech Accountability: Exploring the latest legal reforms that aim to hold tech companies responsible for their platforms' misuse.
  • Parental Vigilance: Annie stresses the importance of parental awareness and the false sense of security that tech companies provide about child safety.

This episode is a crucial listen for parents, teachers and communities. It sheds light on the dark side of social media providing necessary knowledge to help recognize and combat these threats. I don’t know about you, but I have tried every approach to block and monitor unknown or unwanted outreach through different games and devices to my kids. 

It seems like it is always a battle to really protect our kids from those who we don’t know, but who front as kids to our kids online, This is a legit problem, and Annie is committed to exposing the issue to benefit parents, and stop the big money game of disappearing messages, and clearly ‘kid targeting’ social apps that make it almost impossible for parents to monitor and spot their young kids getting targeted. 


Recap of Key Points from Part 1:  

 Episode 20 - Taking On Human Trafficking and the Dark Side of Social Media in Big Tech with Attorney Annie McAdams 

  • Annie McAdams is at the forefront of a legal battle against the likes of Snapchat, Craig’s List, Facebook and Instagram, challenging their roles in facilitating child exploitation.
  • A recent landmark court decision may pave the way for greater accountability of tech companies in cases of online trafficking.
  • Catch her essential tips for parents on monitoring their children's digital interactions to prevent exploitation

Share this episode with friends, family, educators, and community leaders. Educating ourselves and others is vital for giving us the tools we need to be smarter about how our kids are navigating their way online. 

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