Episode 76 - Redefining Success: Jessica Joines’ Hard Pivot from Corporate Life to Ultimate Freedom and Joy

podcast May 03, 2024
Tracy Holland interviews Jessica Joines

Here we go friends, another episode of Potential to Powerhouse, hosted by Tracy Holland, interviewing our guest, Jessica Joines. Jessica shares her profound and personal journey towards self-realization, joy and insights into living a life that truly resonates with one's inner values.

Jessica Joines is a former Global CMO turned spiritual guide and author, known for her transformative journey from the corporate world to spiritual mentorship. After a life-changing solo trip across Southeast Asia, she now empowers others through her writing, speaking engagement. Her work and her book is featured in Forbes, Dare to Believe: 12 Lessons for Living Your Soul’s Purpose. 


Episode highlights:

  • Professional to Passionate Pursuer: Discover how Jessica, armed with an Ivy League education and a stellar career as a global CMO, awakened to her soul's yearning for a life of purpose and passion, after she realized that a corporate work life was no longer for her. 
  • Overcoming Personal Challenges: She shares her experiences with confronting and triumphing over alcohol dependency, highlighting her path to health and her resilience.
  • The Quest for Purpose: Jessica shares her solo voyage through Southeast Asia, a transformative experience that led her to spiritual awakening and a new career path that truly resonates with her essence.
  • A Guide to Self-Discovery: Through her book, "Dare to Believe: 12 Lessons  for Living Your Soul's Purpose" Jessica provides a framework for individuals seeking to discover their life’s purpose, drawing from her personal journey and spiritual insights.
  • Empowering Female Leadership: Jessica discusses her initiative to create a nurturing community for women leaders, emphasizing the importance of support and empowerment in achieving personal and professional growth.


What this Episode will Mean for You:

If you find yourself at a crossroads, yearning for deeper meaning in your personal or professional life, this episode offers invaluable perspective and actionable steps to pivoting. Jessica's narrative serves as a powerful illustration of the transformative effects of pursuing authenticity and overcoming adversity.

Get a copy of "Dare to Believe" on Amazon to embark on a journey towards discovering your purpose.

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